Making your pitch: the counter-intuitive evidence behind what works

Anthony Haynes writes: Outside my work for FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS), I occasionally work with researchers from Cambridge Judge Business School. Some of the research that I encounter there has direct application to the world of work. An example is the research of Dr Melanie Milovac, now Assistant Professor at INSEAD. Melanie’s research involves… Read More

Giving a presentation? We have an eBook for that

Anthony Haynes writes: Whether you’re giving a presentation as part of a job interview or simply as part of your work, it’s helpful to read about the secrets of success — and even more important to know what the common pitfalls are. Our eBook, How to give a presentation, just published on provides such guidance… Read More

How to give a presentation: the FJWilson guide

Anthony Haynes writes: Over the last few months we’ve published a series of fifteen posts about how to give a presentation. This post collates all of those posts. A PDF version is available to download here: FJWilson guide to presentations.   I) The basic decision So you have to give a presentation — for example, as part… Read More

How to give a presentation: (14) stop talking

One of the services that FJWilson Talent Services offers is presentation training. Here our presentation coach, Anthony Haynes, provides the fourteenth in a series of concise, practical, tips. There’s some information that you wish to present that works well in visual form. For example, a graph. You want your audience to access this information and understand… Read More