Talent management today: the Kajsa Asplund interview

Anthony Haynes writes: At various times we’ve reviewed content from Kajsaasplund.com. Here we’re delighted to publish a review with the blog’s author, Kajsa Asplund. Kajsa is a psychologist and PhD candidate in management at Stockholm School of Economics. What can you tell us about your background in industry? KA: I have a background in consultancy,… Read More

So who is Tony Walsh? A look behind the scenes in talent assessment

Anthony Haynes writes: One of the aims of this blog is show behind the scenes at FJWilson and introduce the team. Here we introduce Tony Walsh. What is your role at FJ Wilson? Talent manager with a focus on identifying and assessing talent And what does that work entail? Offering our clients a range of services that… Read More

Talent stories: Saving the world through occupational psychology?

Anthony Haynes writes: Every day this week we’ve been relaying stories from the worlds of talent acquisition, talent management, and human capital. We’ve chosen neat, imaginative, stories that seem to us to lead somewhere. Today’s story comes from the British Psychological Society’s Occupational Digest (8 February) — one of our favourite sources of research findings and… Read More