Remote working: addressing the causes of stress

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJ Wilson Talent Services we’re doubly interested in remote working: (1) many of our membership organisations and learning provides who comprise our clients make extensive use of remote working; and (2) we do ourselves. So we were particularly interested to read a report on the the theme of remote working and,… Read More

Diversity and/or inclusion?

Anthony Haynes writes: The phrase ‘diversity and inclusion’ has become a collocation — the first noun very often associates with the second. I am always suspicious of such pairings.┬áSuch phrases (‘health and safety’ is another) encourage people to think of the two phrases as amounting to much the same thing in the end — as… Read More

What’s wrong with ‘human capital’?

Anthony Haynes writes: Over recent months I’ve been using Twitter, WordPress, and Google bog search to some comparative searching. The terms I’ve been exploring most are ‘human resources’ (and cognates such as ‘HR’ and ‘HRM’), ‘talent management’ (and ‘acquisition’), and ‘human capital’. ‘Human capital’ emerges as a relatively little used phrase, but one that —… Read More