Pregnancy, career development, and talent acquisition: Jen Watts Welsh’s story

Anthony Haynes writes: By way of contributing to International Women’s Day, I’d like to recommend an article on a key topic — the perception of pregnancy in relation to recruitment and job application. In the article published by Fast Company, Jen Watts Welsh — who is evidently and expert story-teller — reflects on her experience… Read More

Anita Sarkeesian: role model for International Women’s Day

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark International Women’s Say, we blog today about two female entrepreneurs and leaders. First, Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian is best known as a critic of video games. Her criticism focuses on the representation of women, with particular attention to the role of stereotypes and tropes. Her work is not, however, limited to that focus.… Read More

International women’s MONTH: the start

Anthony Haynes writes: On March 10th we wrote: “International Women’s Day (Friday, March 8th) seemed to us to be over almost before it started. Is that it for the year, then? Surely not. So we’ve decided unilaterally to declare April International Women’s Month. During that month, all our posts will be by and/or about women”. We begin… Read More