Want to Close the Gender Gap? Start With Ratings of Potential

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I probably do not need to pepper you with the numbers: There is still a daunting gender imbalance in the upper echelons of organizations. Globally, only 24 percent of senior management positions are held by women, and 33 percent of companies still have no women in senior management (Catalyst, 2017).…

Diversity in the workplace: research on what works

Anthony Haynes writes: As our regular readers will know, two consistent themes on this blog have been: 1. how can we increase diversity? 2. what can we learn from research? These two concerns explain our interest in an article by Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly in the Harvard Business Review magazine (September 2013). The article,… Read More

Inclusion in employment for results: an inclusion scorecard

Anthony Haynes writes: As regular readers will know, a focus of FJWilson Talent has been the place in employment practices of inclusion and diversity. Broadly, advocates of greater inclusion take one of two positions: 1. the ethical: employers should support inclusion simply because it’s the right thing to do: inclusion is a matter of human… Read More

Diversity and/or inclusion?

Anthony Haynes writes: The phrase ‘diversity and inclusion’ has become a collocation — the first noun very often associates with the second. I am always suspicious of such pairings.┬áSuch phrases (‘health and safety’ is another) encourage people to think of the two phrases as amounting to much the same thing in the end — as… Read More