Talent management today: the Kajsa Asplund interview

Anthony Haynes writes: At various times we’ve reviewed content from Kajsaasplund.com. Here we’re delighted to publish a review with the blog’s author, Kajsa Asplund. Kajsa is a psychologist and PhD candidate in management at Stockholm School of Economics. What can you tell us about your background in industry? KA: I have a background in consultancy,… Read More

Remote working: addressing the causes of stress

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJ Wilson Talent Services we’re doubly interested in remote working: (1) many of our membership organisations and learning provides who comprise our clients make extensive use of remote working; and (2) we do ourselves. So we were particularly interested to read a report on the the theme of remote working and,… Read More

Review of genuinely helpful blogs: kajsaasplund.com

Anthony Haynes writes: This is the sixth in an occasional series of reviews of blogs that provide helpful content relating to talent acquisition and talent management. kajsaasplund.com is a newish blog that focuses on talent management, human capital, and organisational development. It is consistently good at building a bridge between research and practice and at… Read More

Update on resources concerning technical ladders

Anthony Haynes writes: Last month we blogged about our hitherto frustrated desire to provide links from our For clients page to good resources about technical ladders. We defined ‘good’ as: available online free to the user crunchy: i.e., that provide firm and precise information or guidance on what to do about developing or exploiting a… Read More

Resources required: Technical ladders

Anthony Haynes writes: On our For Clients page we list links to online resources on central topics in talent acquisition and management. One topic we’d like to provide links for is technical ladders. A technical ladder is a career development pathway within an organisation that allows talented specialists to develop their careers, and earning potential,… Read More