Working in a room with a view: the FJWTS approach

Anthony Haynes writes: At the end of last month, we published a post based on a psychology paper (‘40-second green roof views sustain attention‘) by Kate E. Lee et al.  The upshot of the paper seems to be that workers in locations with attractive views seem to produce better work. Perhaps this helps to explain… Read More

The effect of your view on your work

Anthony Haynes writes: When I was planning a series of posts on home- and remote working, I wrote to FJ Wilson Talent Services’ employees and associates to discuss ideas with them. The kind of content I had in mind was tips on making productive time, organising work space, and so on. So I was rather… Read More

Productivity: the one resource you need

Anthony Haynes writes: Many years ago I happened across a copy of a little book by Edwin C. Bliss entitled Getting Things Done (Bantam Books). It’s a short and entirely practical book. It consists of dozens of practical tips on how to make more productive use of your time. Each tip is concisely explained, typically… Read More

Productivity at home (2): tips from the FJWTS team

Anthony Haynes writes: FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) makes extensive use of home- and remote working. I asked members of the team to volunteer tips, based on their own experience, for being productive. Here are some responses. Our candidate interviewer, Gill Wilson, writes: I walk the dog first. That way, she settles down and is less… Read More

Productivity at home: (1) managing your online activity

Anthony Haynes writes: The internet is a wonderful thing. Many people would not be able to work at home, or remotely, without it.  But there are also disadvantages. You’re working at home or in. say, a cafe. You decide to go online for some reason — for example, to check some information. Then you think,… Read More