Major trends in human capital

Anthony Haynes writes: Deloitte University Press has regularly been publishing bold, thought-provoking, content concerning human capital. An example is its report, Global Human Capital Trends 2016. The report examines the effect of four drivers of change, namely demography, technology, the pace of change (in technology and in business models), and the employer-employee relationship. It distils these… Read More

Is the job-for-life mindset returning?

Anthony Haynes writes:  I was struck — shocked, almost — by the headline on a CIPD press release (27 August): “Data shows revival of a job for life mindset”. For one thing, I feel as though, if there was one thing I would put money on, it would be that there would not be a… Read More

How can we help young people navigate the labour market? NCFE’s contribution

Anthony Haynes writes: At the recent Voice of Apprenticeship conference I was very pleased to meet staff from NCFE and to learn more about the awards they offer. As a result of that conversation, we invited NCFE to contribute a guest post to our blog. I’m delighted now to present this post from NCFE Chief Executive, David… Read More