Diversity & Inclusion – A view from the coalface of recruitment

Anthony Haynes writes: We are pleased to reblog this post from Thomson Keene. The author works in a rather different niche from our own: we specialise in talent acquisition in the professional association, membership organisation, and learning providers sector; Thomson Keene specialises in the financial technology sector. Nevertheless, despite the differences between our contexts, there… Read More

Anita Sarkeesian: role model for International Women’s Day

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark International Women’s Say, we blog today about two female entrepreneurs and leaders. First, Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian is best known as a critic of video games. Her criticism focuses on the representation of women, with particular attention to the role of stereotypes and tropes. Her work is not, however, limited to that focus.… Read More

Hiring and firing football managers (1): a talent management perspective

This post is inspired by the sacking of X, where X — the name of whichever manager has just been fired. No matter when you read this, I’m confident that you’ll be able to supply a name: in football, managers are getting fired all the time. The point of this mini-series of posts is to explain… Read More

Review of genuinely helpful blogs: (2) Parkside Consulting Group’s reviews

Anthony Haynes writes: This post is the second in our occasional series of reviews of blogs that we find helpful — and that we think may be of interest to our stakeholders too. Parkside Consulting Group is a Chicago-based talent management consultancy that, according to its website, ‘uses strategic HR consulting strategies to identify the source of… Read More

Talent acquisition and diversity: It’s not the how or the what but the who

Anthony Haynes writes: We’ve published several posts on diversity issues in talent acquisition — some of them book-based (for example, ‘You don’t really want diversity, do you?) — so I was interested to read a review by Lynise M. Carr of Claudio Fernandez-Araoz’s It’s not the how or the what but the who: succeed by… Read More