Creating inclusive culture: Royal Academy of Engineering report

Anthony Haynes writes: We have two reasons for finding Creating inclusive cultures where all engineers thrive, a study published this autumn by the Royal Academy of Engineering, interesting. First, we see the development of greater inclusivity as a major way to improve talent management across all the sectors we work in. (We should add that,… Read More

Want to Close the Gender Gap? Start With Ratings of Potential

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I probably do not need to pepper you with the numbers: There is still a daunting gender imbalance in the upper echelons of organizations. Globally, only 24 percent of senior management positions are held by women, and 33 percent of companies still have no women in senior management (Catalyst, 2017).…

Diversity & Inclusion – A view from the coalface of recruitment

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Having worked in financial services technology recruitment since 1995, I have seen many changes in trends and initiatives regarding talent acquisition, shifting priorities with clients constantly assessing their Return on Equity.  One constancy has been diversity.  For over 12 years, partnering with a number of my clients, I have been…

Anita Sarkeesian: role model for International Women’s Day

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark International Women’s Say, we blog today about two female entrepreneurs and leaders. First, Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian is best known as a critic of video games. Her criticism focuses on the representation of women, with particular attention to the role of stereotypes and tropes. Her work is not, however, limited to that focus.… Read More

Hiring and firing football managers (1): a talent management perspective

Anthony Haynes writes: This post is inspired by the sacking of X, where X — the name of whichever manager has just been fired. No matter when you read this, I’m confident that you’ll be able to supply a name: in football, managers are getting fired all the time. The point of this mini-series of posts… Read More