New Year’s resolution: an idea for candidates

Anthony Haynes writes: It is still New Year, isn’t it? Good, that means I’m still just about in time for proposing a resolution for people applying, or considering applying,  for a job. In every industry I’ve worked in, there have been what I call ‘typical pitfalls’ — things that nearly everyone does but which are… Read More

On the falsification of CVs

Anthony Haynes writes: Printerland have published the results of a survey on falsification of CVs. The survey attempts to gauge both the prevalence and nature of falsification and also probes what happens when, as is often the case, falsification is subsequently discovered. A summary of the survey’s (rather dismaying) findings is available here. Fiona Wilson,… Read More

Best way to improve your resume? Kill your darlings

Anthony Haynes writes: Yesterday I attended an excellent presentation by Steve Joy based on his experience as a careers adviser at the University of Cambridge. Steve identified the main mistakes he saw prospective candidates make on their resumes and letters of application. Steve’s punchiest point? “Kill your darlings.” As Steve explained, this phrase in common… Read More

Innovative formats for CVs and resumes

Anthony Haynes writes: Patricia Layer in an article on Business Insider provides 13 arresting and very attractive examples of non-traditional formats for CVS/resumes used by job applicants. They remain novel in their approach. The article, with link to the portfolio of resumes, is here. Though using formats certainly wouldn’t be appropriate in all contexts, they… Read More

Mary Hope’s 9 ways to develop your CV

Anthony Haynes writes: To continue our series of posts on (unilaterally declared) International Women’s Month, we highlight a career development resource provided by Mary Hope, founder of Mary Hope Career Success. The source provides nine practical tips for improving your CV. We’re grateful to Ruth Winden (@RuthWinden on Twitter) of Careers Enhanced for drawing our… Read More