Catching the wave: 21st century careers

Anthony Haynes writes: What’s your image of a university press? Perhaps an organisation that produces esoteric, ivory-tower, publications that sit, largely unread, in academic libraries. Not so Deloitte University Press. Deloitte University specialises in leadership. Its press continues that theme in the sense of thought leadership. Its publications cover contemporary challenges in such areas as… Read More

Update on resources concerning technical ladders

Anthony Haynes writes: Last month we blogged about our hitherto frustrated desire to provide links from our For clients page to good resources about technical ladders. We defined ‘good’ as: available online free to the user crunchy: i.e., that provide firm and precise information or guidance on what to do about developing or exploiting a… Read More

Resources required: Technical ladders

Anthony Haynes writes: On our For Clients page we list links to online resources on central topics in talent acquisition and management. One topic we’d like to provide links for is technical ladders. A technical ladder is a career development pathway within an organisation that allows talented specialists to develop their careers, and earning potential,… Read More

Giving a presentation? We have an eBook for that

Anthony Haynes writes: Whether you’re giving a presentation as part of a job interview or simply as part of your work, it’s helpful to read about the secrets of success — and even more important to know what the common pitfalls are. Our eBook, How to give a presentation, just published on provides such guidance… Read More

Review of genuinely helpful blogs: (4) Centrepoint of View

Anthony Haynes writes: This post is the fourth in our occasional series of reviews of blogs that we find helpful — and that we think may be of interest to our stakeholders too. Centrepoint of View emanates from Centrepoint, a career and talent management consultancy based in Canada. The blog has a focus on organisational learning and development.… Read More