How to give a presentation: the FJWilson guide

Anthony Haynes writes: Here is the revised edition to our practical guide to presentations, based on a previously published series of fifteen posts. I) The basic decision So you have to give a presentation — for example, as part of a job interview. Now ask yourself this question: “Do you want to give the best… Read More

How to fail an interview: research evidence

Anthony Haynes writes: Dr Janina Steinmetz of the Cass Business School has recently published research on how applicants fail interviews. In an article published on The Conversation (8 January 2019) Dr Steinmetz writes: “imagine you get to the interview and, despite being highly qualified and motivated, you end up not getting the job offer. In… Read More

New Year’s resolution: an idea for candidates

Anthony Haynes writes: It is still New Year, isn’t it? Good, that means I’m still just about in time for proposing a resolution for people applying, or considering applying,  for a job. In every industry I’ve worked in, there have been what I call ‘typical pitfalls’ — things that nearly everyone does but which are… Read More

Want to change jobs? Are you clear on what you want to do?

Anthony Haynes writes: As we explained in a previous post, we frequently receive requests for careers coaching. Our solution is to partner with an expert careers coach — Denise Taylor, founder of Amazing People (, is an expert careers coach. Here we’re pleased to publish our second blog post from Denise.   It’s always easiest to get… Read More