li-logoThe value we add for our clients rests on the following six foundation stones:

Specialist expertise: The sector that we specialise in comprises organisations for professional people — membership organisations, awarding bodies, and learning providers. This sector has distinctive values and requirements. Having specialised since our foundation in 2009, we’ve developed a sixth sense for what clients in this sector do and don’t want. This helps us to assess the degree of cultural fit between employer and candidates.

Widening the field (I): our processes are designed to widen the range of talent available to our clients. In recruitment, finding active candidates — those who have decided to look for a new opportunity and to make themselves available — is one thing; discovering passive candidates — those who aren’t actively looking to move but who would be interested if approached — is quite another. Our research techniques are designed to uncover passive candidates as well as active ones

Widening the field (II): Clients often have well-developed networks of their own, yet would like to discover candidates from beyond those networks. Doing so provides a greater range to select from and also helps the client to source more diverse, and non-traditional, candidates. For example, organisations for professional people often desire to bring in employees with commercial mentalities: this becomes easier when the candidate search accesses networks in a range of sectors.

Timeliness: Often clients wish to fill a role speedily — not only because they need someone in post, but also because many of the labour markets we work in are strong: where talent is scarce, tardiness can result in losing a potential employee. Our lean model of recruitment is designed to maximise efficiency and so prevent delays.

Continuity: Our clients, and candidates, are provided with not one FJWTS contact, but two. The makes for continuity of service, in particular by managing  contingencies day-to-day, as well as during holidays and any unplanned absences.

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Dilly Clack & Lina Beynar

Personal touch: When we look at the professional discussion of talent services, we’re amazed at how often the industry overlooks the simple fact that talent services are about people. Our style of working is designed to ensure we always present a very human face. As our case studies illustrate, candidates recognise that we do things with a distinctive personal touch. In addition, potential candidates can arrange to speak with us at times that suit them (often outside the working day/week), making for both convenience and discretion.

Not only does this help us to compile strong fields of candidates to present to clients: positive candidate experiences also help to present employers themselves in a good light.