Working in a room with a view: the FJWTS approach

Anthony Haynes writes: At the end of last month, we published a post based on a psychology paper (‘40-second green roof views sustain attention‘) by Kate E. Lee et al.  The upshot of the paper seems to be that workers in locations with attractive views seem to produce better work. Perhaps this helps to explain… Read More

The effect of your view on your work

Anthony Haynes writes: When I was planning a series of posts on home- and remote working, I wrote to FJ Wilson Talent Services’ employees and associates to discuss ideas with them. The kind of content I had in mind was tips on making productive time, organising work space, and so on. So I was rather… Read More

Challenges of working from home (4): time

Anthony Haynes writes: The first post in this series suggested that, for all its advantages, working from home (wfh) entails some challenges too — of four types, namely those concerning: place equipment people time Today we conclude the series by considering the last of these. Specific challenges There are a host of specific challenges concerning… Read More

Practical tips for working with remote workers

Anthony Haynes writes: On his own blog, Richard Whiteside, who works as a freelancer, has written an excellent post on how organisations can get the best out of the freelancers they work with. Much of his advice would apply too to the management of employees who work remotely. In the usual way I would reblog… Read More