Remote working: addressing the causes of stress

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJ Wilson Talent Services we’re doubly interested in remote working: (1) many of our membership organisations and learning provides who comprise our clients make extensive use of remote working; and (2) we do ourselves. So we were particularly interested to read a report on the the theme of remote working and,… Read More

Recruitment’s inspiring story

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark International Women’s Day, we republish a post about Sophie Macpherson, as told by Simona Sikimic (London Loves Business, 11 Oct). Sikimic tells how Macpherson went from being told there was “no future” for her in the art world to building a recruitment company — SML — that sources employees for… Read More

Anita Sarkeesian: role model for International Women’s Day

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark International Women’s Say, we blog today about two female entrepreneurs and leaders. First, Anita Sarkeesian. Sarkeesian is best known as a critic of video games. Her criticism focuses on the representation of women, with particular attention to the role of stereotypes and tropes. Her work is not, however, limited to that focus.… Read More

Diversity in the workplace: research on what works

Anthony Haynes writes: As our regular readers will know, two consistent themes on this blog have been: 1. how can we increase diversity? 2. what can we learn from research? These two concerns explain our interest in an article by Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly in the Harvard Business Review magazine (September 2013). The article,… Read More

Who is Dilly Clack? A look behind the scenes of talent acquisition

Anthony Haynes writes: Throughout April we are publishing a series of posts  by or about women in our areas of focus – talent acquisition, talent management, and human capital. Here we publish an interview with Dilly Clack of FJWilson. Q. What’s your role at FJWilson? Dilly: Candidate Manager. Q. And what does that work involve?… Read More