Review of genuinely helpful blogs:

Anthony Haynes writes: This is the sixth in an occasional series of reviews of blogs that provide helpful content relating to talent acquisition and talent management. is a newish blog that focuses on talent management, human capital, and organisational development. It is consistently good at building a bridge between research and practice and at… Read More

How much does it cost to replace a member of staff?

How much does it cost to replace a member of staff who leaves? The answer obviously varies according to a number of factors, including the industry, the employer, the employee, and the context. But Oxford Economics have attempted to calculate the average cost. According to their research (reported in Recruiter, 24 February) the average total cost… Read More

Open plan offices – good or bad? The evidence from psychological research

Anthony Haynes writes: A perennial issue in human resource management is office layout and design. In recent years, open plan has been gaining ground as management’s preferred layout. Its perceived advantages include: cost savings (principally, reducing square footage per employee); ease of monitoring (or perhaps ‘surveillance’); greater communication between staff. However, recent research published by… Read More

Why is careers advice so important? Jane Scott Paul on young people’s needs today

Anthony Haynes writes: This week is Professions Week in the UK. I’m delighted to introduce this highly topical guest post from AAT Chief Executive,  Jane Scott Paul OBE. Careers advice is back in the spotlight after a research report, ‘Life as a Professional; what do 14-19 year-old really think?’ released on behalf of Professions Week (21-27 October)… Read More

Diversity in the workplace: research on what works

Anthony Haynes writes: As our regular readers will know, two consistent themes on this blog have been: 1. how can we increase diversity? 2. what can we learn from research? These two concerns explain our interest in an article by Boris Groysberg and Katherine Connolly in the Harvard Business Review magazine (September 2013). The article,… Read More