Retaining Great People

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Staff retention is an important issue for all businesses; it’s hard enough to find good people, without losing them sooner than you want to.  Undesirable turnover has many detrimental consequences not least of which is lost productivity and money.  Contemplate for a moment the amount of money you invest hiring…

A Low Cost Employer Brand Strategy idea

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Let’s Turn The Company Newsletter (NL) in to An Employer Branding & Talent Engaging Masterpiece! < Create A Newsletter Masterpiece > For many SME’s and all larger Corporate’s, as they grow they soon find the need to pass on information to their employees and no matter the company’s internal skill level…

Consultant, Contractor, Temp – All the Same, Right? – Part II

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In the last posting we got into the nitty-gritty about what made a consultant a consultant. Today, we’re going to talk about their often confused counterparts: the contractor and temps, but also about why this matters and how it all fits together. If you look at the previous posting, I…

Constructing Your Career Castle

Anthony Haynes writes: We’re pleased to reblog this post by Sylvia Ann Hewlett from the Harvard Business Review blog. For one thing, we like the clarity of the writing. For another, as a mentor myself I think the author captures important aspects of a mentor’s potential contribution. And, further, Ms Hewlett distinguishes the less commonly… Read More

What Is Stopping You From Recruiting Great Talent?

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In a challenging economy each and every hiring decision has the ability to make, or break a business, and help realise your goals and objectives.  As we enter a long awaited period of…