How Applicants can find out if a Job will provide Meaningful Work using Tools from Positive Psychology

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Yesterday, I was a panelist at the morning session of Intersect 2018, a phenomenal event along the lines of “Tech Conference x Career Fair x Learning Exhibition”. The conference is hosted by e-learning platform Udacity. You can watch the panel I participated in here on YouTube. The guiding theme was “Competing with Skill, Winning with Confidence”. In the…

Working from the Office – the New Working from Home

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One perk companies of any size can offer their employees is flexibility around working from home or flexible work schedules. While there can be disadvantages of offering flexible work schedules, almost everyone agrees the pros outweigh the cons. But why not also invest in your office environment as an…

5 Ways to Make Work-from-home Work

Anthony Haynes writes: As part of our series to mark Working from Home Week, we are pleased to reblog this post by Marcia Jacquette on the Mariposa Teams blog on how to (continue to) make your case for working from home. Mariposa Teams © Evgeniy Agarkov | This is not an article about how… Read More

Working Remotely: Taboo or Totally Awesome?

It has been about four months since I transitioned to being a remote employee, working from my home office in Northern California with the closest office about two and a half hours away. As a part of my company’s workplace transformation efforts, our CEO would like to see 50% of his workforce remote by 2020.…