Hiring and firing football managers: (3) Talent acquisition

‘Hiring and firing football mangers’ is a mini-series of posts from a the point of view of a talent acquisition and talent management agency working in a different sector (namely. membership organisations and learning providers). The press reports that a football manager has been sacked. The next report will be on which candidates have been… Read More

What Just Happened? Decoding the Job Interview

Originally posted on Marla Gottschalk:
There is plenty of advice out there concerning what to say and do, during an employment interview. However, I find there is little written about how to sort out the jumbled mess of feelings and observations that you are left with.  Even with the best of intentions and lists of…

Preparing for an interview: the single best idea I’ve ever received

Anthony Haynes writes: Once, when I was preparing for a job interview, I asked a friend — an experienced interviewer — for advice. He gave me one tip on how to prepare. What he said was: ‘Think about the questions, rather than the answers.’ What he meant was this. When preparing, many candidates draw up… Read More

Membership bodies, business development, and strategy: interview ACCA’s Stephen Shields

Anthony Haynes writes: As regular readers of this blog will know, we like to focus on membership organisations (a core market for FJWilson) and we like to publish interviews. This week I’m delighted to say that we’re again combining the two. Stephen Shields is Director of Global Employer Relationships at ACCA. We’re grateful to Stephen… Read More