How can we help young people navigate the labour market? NCFE’s contribution

Anthony Haynes writes: At the recent Voice of Apprenticeship conference I was very pleased to meet staff from NCFE and to learn more about the awards they offer. As a result of that conversation, we invited NCFE to contribute a guest post to our blog. I’m delighted now to present this post from NCFE Chief Executive, David… Read More

The true legacy? Inclusion

Anthony Haynes writes: We are delighted to publish a guest post on the theme of diversity and inclusion — in recruitment and indeed much else — from Steve Girdler. Steve was the Director of London 2012 for Adecco, sponsors and official recruitment services provider to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He was responsible… Read More

Recruiting Stories: What can Recruiters Learn from Marketers?

Anthony Haynes writes: We’re delighted to host FJWilson Talent’s first guest post, a forthright and constructive piece by Erin Osterhaus of Software Advice. Thank you, Erin! Erin Osterhaus writes: Finding quality candidates for open positions is, in a word, hard. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, if you think outside of the proverbial… Read More