5 Ways to Make Work-from-home Work

Anthony Haynes writes: As part of our series to mark Working from Home Week, we are pleased to reblog this post by Marcia Jacquette on the Mariposa Teams blog on how to (continue to) make your case for working from home. Mariposa Teams © Evgeniy Agarkov | Dreamstime.com This is not an article about how… Read More

Challenges of working from home (1): place

Anthony Haynes writes: Much blogging about working from home (Wfh) is positive in tone: many bloggers (a) advocate that employees should seek the right to work from home and (b) emphasise the potential benefits of wfh. As someone who works, happily, from a home office a good deal — typically about half the week —… Read More

Remote working: the relationship between noise and creativity

Anthony Haynes writes: Where should you to work when you wish to be creative? Many people would answer, ‘Somewhere quiet, where I won’t be distracted’. Though that may work for some people sometimes, there are problems with that answer. First, most people find silence actually unbearable. Orfield Laboratories’s anechoic chamber is the quietist place on… Read More

Working Remotely: Taboo or Totally Awesome?

It has been about four months since I transitioned to being a remote employee, working from my home office in Northern California with the closest office about two and a half hours away. As a part of my company’s workplace transformation efforts, our CEO would like to see 50% of his workforce remote by 2020.…

Working from home: does it matter what you wear?

Anthony Haynes writes: This week has been designated Working from Home Week. I asked FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) colleagues what issues were involved in working from home (Wfh). One issue to emerge was the question of what to wear. Here, first, are the thoughts of Gill Wilson, one of our candidate interviewers. Gill Wilson… Read More