How Applicants can find out if a Job will provide Meaningful Work using Tools from Positive Psychology

Originally posted on Mappalicious:
Yesterday, I was a panelist at the morning session of Intersect 2018, a phenomenal event along the lines of “Tech Conference x Career Fair x Learning Exhibition”. The conference is hosted by e-learning platform Udacity. You can watch the panel I participated in here on YouTube. The guiding theme was “Competing with Skill, Winning with Confidence”. In the…

Job search: an iconocalstic approach to LinkedIn

Anthony Haynes writes: There’s plenty of advice available online on how individuals can optimise their LInkedIn profiles. Our resources page for candidates provides a link to one such resource, namely How to build the prefect LinkedIn profile by @GerryMoran. However, our attention was attracted by a recent piece that challenges some of the conventional wisdom… Read More