Gearing up for growth: announcing our new Business Development Executive

Anthony Haynes writes: In a recent post, we announced that we have taken three steps to enable FJ Wilson Talent Services to accelerate growth. First, we announced the appointment Lina Beynar as researcher. Then we announced my own appointment as Communications Director. And now we’re pleased to announce the appointment of Anth Mckeown as Business… Read More

Behind the scenes in talent acquisition: who is Lina Beynar?

Over the years we have published interviews with many of our employees and associates as a way of both introducing ourselves and explaining what talent acquisition looks like behind the scenes. Today we’re pleased to introduce our researcher, Lina Beynar. Your job title is ‘Researcher’. What exactly do you do? The main function of my… Read More

Building capacity for growth: communications

FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) is pleased to announce that Anthony Haynes has joined the company as a director and employee. Anthony takes on two areas of responsibility. First, communications – communication within the company and also our communication processes with external stakeholders, notably via our website Anthony’s second area of responsibility is lean management.… Read More

Gearing up for growth in talent acquisition

Fiona Wilson writes: Despite launching in a recession (in 2009), we have established a persistent record of strong growth. Our growth has been organic: we haven’t raised capital through taking on loans or selling shares. We’re also ambitious: our vision is to become the undisputed go-to agency whenever a professional membership organisation, awarding body or… Read More