Accessing a neglected stream of talent

Anthony Haynes writes: As a business situated at the sharp end of organisations’ search for talent, we are well aware that there are areas of shortage — or, at least, apparent shortage — in the labour market. These are especially apparent in London and the South East. We make a contribution to alleviating these problems… Read More

Want to Close the Gender Gap? Start With Ratings of Potential

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I probably do not need to pepper you with the numbers: There is still a daunting gender imbalance in the upper echelons of organizations. Globally, only 24 percent of senior management positions are held by women, and 33 percent of companies still have no women in senior management (Catalyst, 2017).…

Who is Gillie Ritchie? Behind the scenes in talent acquisition

Anthony Haynes writes: ¬†From time to time on this blog we seek to show what goes on in talent acquisition behind the scenes. We do this in the form of interviews with FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) staff. Here we’re pleased to publish our latest interview, with Gillie Ritchie.   What is your role at… Read More

On the falsification of CVs

Anthony Haynes writes: Printerland have published the results of a survey on falsification of CVs. The survey attempts to gauge both the prevalence and nature of falsification and also probes what happens when, as is often the case, falsification is subsequently discovered. A summary of the survey’s (rather dismaying) findings is available here. Fiona Wilson,… Read More

Review of genuinely useful blogs (VII): The Office Blend

Anthony Haynes writes: From time to time on this blog we briefly review other blogs concerning either our core topics of talent acquisition and talent management or allied fields such as human resource management, human capital, career development, and occupational or organisational psychology. Our aim is to discover sources of content that could make a… Read More