How to benefit from the membership economy

Anthony Haynes writes: As a company that focuses on membership organisations as a market, we’re naturally interested in capturing innovative thinking about the membership economy. We were particularly struck, then, by an episode on a podcast that we’ve often used as a developmental resource: The Agency Management Institute’s Build a better agency. The episode’s title… Read More

Remote work doesn’t have to mean working alone.

Originally posted on John Yorke:
I have seen a number of articles recently that refer to the stages of remote work or maturity of your remote team as a linear progression to only one possible Nirvana. The Nirvana in question appears to be 100% independence, 100% asynchronous communication and no need to ever have any…

Challenges of working from home: the synoptic post

Anthony Haynes writes: Here we collate four posts, each of which deals with a challenge concerning working from home. Place Much blogging about working from home (Wfh) is positive in tone: many bloggers (a) advocate that employees should seek the right to work from home and (b) emphasise the potential benefits of wfh. As someone… Read More

US and UK talent sectors: Catherine King on culture and the human touch

Anthony Haynes writes: We’re delighted here to publish the second part of our interview of Catherine King  comparing the talent sector in the UK and US. Catherine has vast leadership experience in the talent industry. She is the founder of Crown Talent Assets, a US-based talent firm specialising in senior executive recruitment for North America… Read More