How to benefit from the membership economy

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: As a company that focuses on membership organisations as a market, we’re naturally interested in capturing innovative thinking about the membership economy.

We were particularly struck, then, by an episode on a podcast that we’ve often used as a developmental resource: The Agency Management Institute’s Build a better agency.

The episode’s title is ‘Looping your agency into the membership economy‘. In it, the expert guest, Robbie Baxter, explains the benefits of extending into the membership economy and how to achieve this.

The point that interested us most was Ms Baxter’s approach to the oft-heard objection, ‘Setting up a membership model wouldn’t work for us: we provide bespoke solutions. No two of our clients receive the same solutions from us’.

In the episode Baxter treats that objection not as a self-evident, conversation-ending, truth but rather as a challenge to which there are strong counter-arguments.

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