Reminders of good HR practice: how a talent agency can add value

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: This is the second in our monthly series of posts dealing with key issues in talent acquisition.

The series is inspired by the well-known quotation from Dr Johnson, that we “more frequently require to be reminded than informed“. Rather than showcase novel ideas, our aim here is to curate reminders of what works.

The topic this month is added value.

The starting point

The first question is, ‘Can hiring an agency add value?’

Naturally, most agencies would respond, ‘Oh, yes, of course’. But our answer is more nuanced: ‘Yes or no, depending on the circumstances and the context’.

In the first of our sources — an interview with our MD, Fiona Wilson — we outline the circumstances in we we doubt an agency can add value. And the we identify the challenges that internal recruiters can face, which an agency can help to overcome.

The interview is here.

What a case study reveals

Our second resource illustrates, through a case study, the kinds of opportunities to add value that arise.

The study, dealing with a placement at ACCA, shows how an understanding of cultural fit can make the recruitment more efficient.

It also illustrates the worth of the ability to find and attract passive candidates — people who are not actually seeking to change jobs.

The case study is here.

Further perspectives

We have also curated related content published by third parties:

Our own solution

Talent agencies don’t all add value in the same way.

We have, therefore, distilled — based on our experience and on feedback — the distinctive ways in which we find we can add value.

Our pitch is here.






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