The Perfect Cafe for Working Remotely Has These 29 Things

Anthony Haynes writes: We’ve frequently blogged about remote working and the role of places. In particular, we’ve blogged about the potential of cafes as work places. I was attracted to the post we reblog here because I think nails the criteria involved.

Josh Smith Digital Design

There’s something energizing about working remotely from a cafe. The aromas of coffee and baked goods waft through the air. Caffeinated patrons read books until their dates or business associates arrive. Writers wearing headphones pound away on laptops. Why is everyone here? What makes the perfect cafe?

by Josh Smith

Finding the perfect cafe is a popular quest. In fact, there’s an entire app calledWorkfromdedicated to comparing amenities and environments for working off-site. Most remote workers andgig seekerseventually settle on a favorite spot. Unfortunately, even the best co-working spaces fall short somehow.

Some wonder whether the perfect cafe even exists. There are just so many variables to consider. Years of working and traveling all over the world have helped us summarize the most critical factors that make or break a truly great co-working venue. If only a place would open up that meets all 29 points…

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