If you depend on gut feel while interviewing, you are relying on dumb luck.

Anthony Haynes writes: Victor Assad’s blog is one that I’ve followed for a long time. I find it regularly provides pieces, on mainstream topics in HR, that are well-informed and thought-provoking. For some time, we’ve included a link from our Employer Resources page to his piece, ‘12 questions candidates will ask you‘.

Here we are pleased to reblog his latest post, a wide-ranging and constructive discussion on raising the level of interviewing.

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Luck is never enough. Instead, double your hiring success by using effective interviewing techniques, validated assessments, and reference and background checks. If you believe that it sounds like a lot of work and money, it is cheaper than the cost of turnover from bad hires.

Many CEOs and executives boast to me about their innate ability to hire someone by gut feel and tell me stories about their success. I ask, “How do you know that the person you didn’t hire would have been better?” The response is usually a nervous grin followed by silence.

Empirical evidence from researchers looks at the results of different interviewing techniques and assessments and is able to compare the results to the performance of applicants once they are on the job. This research technique is an effective way to “validate” a job selection methodology and see which ones work best.

These studies have been…

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