In memory of the late Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh started working with FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) in March 2011, playing the leading role in our provision of talent management services.

Tony first became acquainted with Fiona Wilson (the founder and MD of FJWTS when she approached him for a senior role with one of our clients.

The role was not of interest to Tony, as he was by this point greatly enjoying the freedom of his own consultancy, having left corporate life in 2008.

Tony was, however, interested in forces with Fiona and her business due to them getting on incredibly well, both having left corporate careers to set up their own businesses to do it ’their way’, and having shared values, which included a genuine customer focus and wishing to provide a truly tailored service.

As well as providing a range of assessment services on psychometric and ability testing to our clients, Tony provided assessment services in-house as part of our own staff recruitment and development exercises. Tony’s insight helped us to make successful recruitment choices of our own.

Tony was bright, positive, thoughtful, patient, good-humoured, and constructive — and a wonderful pragmatist.

A consummate professional, Tony never failed to deliver on-time and was an absolute delight to work with.  He was utterly reliable, and the quality of his work was always of an exceptional standard.

As a wheel-chair user, Tony never ceased to amaze and inspire as a colleague — dealing effortlessly with the added complexities that this brings to an already demanding professional life, such as travelling to meetings and negotiating the many frustrating failings of urban design regarding accessibility.

Tony’s sudden death has been and continues to be the most awful shock.

Our thoughts and love are with Sheena, his wife, and all his family and friends.

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