Review of genuinely useful blogs (IX): Emily Luigbregts PMP

11 Jul 19 ARH away tiny
Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: I regularly survey blogs focused on the talent sector and related fields, such as career development and human capital development. The quality of blogs varies hugely — in a way, that’s part of the fun of reading them: you never know what you’ll find. When I find a blog that is consistently useful, I review it here.

I’m afraid that has proved something of a curse: quite often, just after I’ve reviewed a blog, the blogger ceases to post or the blog closes down altogether!

I hope, therefore, that I’m not now putting a hex on Emily Luigbregts. Ms Luigregts describes herself as ‘Project Manager, Scrum Master, Trainer’. It’s not surprising, then, that some of her posts — on project management examinations, for example — lie well beyond the scope of our own blog. Other posts, however, certainly connect with our own interests.

A good example is ‘How to future proof your career‘ (June, 2019).

Welcome characteristics of Luigbregts’ blog are practicality, succinctness, and uncluttered design.

The particular catalyst for reviewing this blog is that it has recently embarked on a  series (‘Virtually speaking…’) of blogs about the practicalities of virtual working, especially in teams.

An example of such a post is ‘Team member‘ (Sept 2019).

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