Season of mists and mellow job interviews: advice for candidates

anthony_haynes bnu cropped
Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: Shadows lengthen, holidays become a memory, and the rate of job interviews accelerates. When it comes to talent acquisition, September matters.

To support candidates we provide two forms of resources.

First, there is our own guide, Being Interviewed.  It provides tips on how to prepare, what to do on the day, and what kind of questions to expect.

Second, we provide links to third-party resources. These feature on the interview section of our Online resources for candidates page.

Perhaps my favourite of the resources linked to is Jon Guerrera’s article on how he used gamification to prepare for an interview — a good example of treating preparation like a campaign.

In the end, no single resource can suit all interviews — in the end , there’s no substitute for thinking on your feet according to the specific situation — but we hope that variety of resources we link to here will provide at least some helpful pointers for your forthcoming interview.

In addition, we recently posted a link to our Online resources for employers page that candidates too might find useful: it’s Victor Assad’s 12 questions job candidates will ask you.

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