Work space: the Business Development perspective

Anthony Haynes writes: As readers of our mini-series on remote working will know, we’ve long been interested in people’s work spaces. What kinds of places do people like to work in? How do those places affect them?

So here we begin an occasional series of brief posts in which we display individuals’ work spaces and ask them to tell us a little bit about how they relate to that space.

First up is Anth Mckeown, our Business Development Executive, located somewhere in the deepest north-east.

Anth Mckeown writes: I’ve just had an extension put onto my house to include this new home office space.

05 Jul 19 Anth IMG_4031

I love the large fitted desk space as I’m not the most tidy.

My treat to myself was a picture of 18th hole, Pebble Beach Golf Course (California), as this is where I’d love to play one day.

05 Jul 19 Anth IMG_4035

Nice view over my garden. Behind me is my (unused) exercise equipment and printer.

05 Jul 19 Anth IMG_4036

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