Making everyone feel welcome in engineering: key resources

192px-Gay_Pride_Flag.svgAnthony Haynes writes: Our clients — all organisations for professionals — are drawn from various sectors, one of the most important of which is engineering. So we’d like here to promote LGBTSTEM Day, the second anniversary of which falls on Friday, 5 July.

The day provides a great opportunity for employers and other organisations to emphasise that they wish to provide safe zones in which LGBT+ people feel welcome and able to be themselves.

One very useful resource for building on such initiatives is Powering up the LGBT+ in engineering, a report published by InterEnginering, EDF Energy, and Stonewall.

The report derives from a series of half a dozen workshops hosted by EDF Energy. Each workshop yielded several practical suggestions for development.

The workshops covered:

1. Reaching out to the next generation of LGBT+ engineers
2. Establishing an LGBT+ network for the first time
3. Engaging everyone in your organisation with LGBT+ issues (including more women, all parts of the LGBT+ community, allies and new recruits/hires)
4. Maintaining momentum in LGBT+ network groups
5. Collaborating across the engineering sector (to bring positive change and build a more inclusive sector / workplaces)
6. Achieving first class employee support for LGBT+ issues

Our main reason for recommending these suggestions is that, from the point of view of equity, they’re good in their own right. But we suggest too that adoption of such measures can improve an organisation’s  employer brand, helping to attract candidates and retain employees.



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