Behind the scenes in talent acquisition: the Phil Wolfenden interview

Anthony Haynes writes: In 2013 we published an interview with one of our resourcers, Phil Wolfenden. We thought it was high time for an update.

Phil Wolfenden

Q. It’s six years since we last interviewed you about your work. How has the work changed in that time?

The essentials of the role have changed little since we last spoke.

However, I would like to think we have a far deeper understanding of our clients and their requirements, enabling us to work smarter. This is demonstrated in our high “fill rate” — that is, the percentage of roles in which we are successful in placing a candidate.

Q. What can potential candidates do to help talent resourcers discover them and understand their potential?

The main differentiating factor in resourcing over recent years has been the emergence of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. (Traditionally, recruiters used job boards to search for available candidates.)

I’d advise anyone who is potentially looking to move to ensure their LinkedIn profile is up to date and that it thoroughly details their employment history.

Q. For people who don’t work in the talent industry it can be difficult to know what exactly each of us does. Could you talk us through a typical process for when you are given a role to fill?

As soon as one of our Client Delivery managers has taken a full role brief we will start work resourcing. I will use a variety of tools for this — mainly LinkedIn, our in-house database, or job boards. 

After our initial approaches, candidates who demonstrate potential interest will be screened by our Delivery team to assess their suitability for the role. 

If a good match, we then submit their CV to the client.

Q. And outside work?

I’ve worked for FJWTS for over seven years. In that time remote working has become the norm. Remote working allows me the flexibility I require. My wife works long hours and is often away overnight or for longer periods. I am thus responsible for driving my two daughters to hockey, running, or cricket fixtures, depending on the season! 


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