Can being remote enhance agility?

Anthony Haynes writes: A regular theme on this blog is remote working. Our employees work remotely and increasingly our clients and candidates are attracted to including at least an element of remote working. It’s good to discover more about the effects of remote working — in particular, how best to achieve the benefits it can bring. Here we reblog John Yorke’s (well-told, helpfully concrete) story of one consultancy’s transition towards remote working. John’s particular concern is agile working and his initial expectation was that the transition to remote working might make agility difficult for the business to achieve. In fact, however, he found the reverse…

John Yorke

I am a very lucky person, I have my dream job. I work for a huge Solutions Provider as a member of their software consultancy group. The consultancy group has multiple physical offices in the St Louis area, and offices in Denver, New York and London. we have now decided to expand into the virtual space and launch a Virtual Office dedicated to collaborative software delivery. My role is to create this office, define the tools, practices, processes and then to build the team: hiring and supporting the staff and managing and growing the office. It is an incredible opportunity and it is not overstating to say that I wake up excited (and daunted) about it every day.

I wrote a while ago about the new role and about the challenge of remaining true to an Agile mindset. My goal was not to lose our agility as we became separated…

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