Review of genuinely useful blogs (VIII): Crystal Recruiter

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: From time to time we review blogs in the area of talent acquisition and talent management. Finding good blogs in these fields is not easy: too many of them purport to offer helpful content but turn out in fact to be thinly disguised corporate advertisements.

Occasionally, thoug, we find a gem — in which case we review the blog here and add a link to our resources pages.

Here we review Crystal Recruiter, a blog written by Crystal Recruitment, a company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The blog has become well established. It seems to have started in 2016. Recently there have been regular posts, at the rate of one or two per month. Posts are written in succinct, plain, English and are of readable length  — typically less than a thousand words long.

The writing tends to be neither theoretical not research-based. Rather, it falls into the genre of ‘practical guidance based on experience’.

Posts tend to tackle central topics in recruitment. Some are written from the point of view of the employer and some from that of the employee/candidate.

Examples of titles of posts include:

  • Top five reasons why executive searches fail
  • Top six questions you need to ask en employer during an interview
  • Is your CV selling you?
  • Five untruths you need to address before engaging an offshore recruitment partner

We’ve added links to Crystal Recruiter from both our ‘Resources for employers‘ and ‘Resources for candidates‘ pages.





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