Behind the scenes in talent acquisition: who is Lina Beynar?

Anthony Haynes 

Over the years we have published interviews with many of our employees and associates as a way of both introducing ourselves and explaining what talent acquisition looks like behind the scenes.

Today we’re pleased to introduce our researcher, Lina Beynar.

10 Dec 18 Lina
Lina Beynar

Your job title is ‘Researcher’. What exactly do you do?

The main function of my role is to source likely candidates for vacancies. Searching for possibles candidates involves working across various platforms, such as social media, our database and online CV boards.

The potentially suitable candidates are then contacted and briefed with regard to the role.

I also provide support/cover to our service delivery team and record and administer research activity of all researchers in the team.

What attracted you to this role?

It’s so exciting to know that you play a vital role in placing someone in their dream job!

What kind of surprises or challenges has a move into the talent industry presented you with?

Talent industry and resourcing are really fast-paced. The ability to make judgements quickly (recognising suitable candidates) and switch between wide range of roles requirements smoothly is absolutely essential. You need to be sure that all right candidates have been reached!

For people out there who might be hoping that recruiters will come across them when searching for possible candidates: what kind of things can they do to make them visible and to show what kinds of roles they might be suitable for?

It’s important to craft a good profile intro/personal statement on your CV — make sure your most relevant experience and key achievements are highlighted.

This brief overview is a great way to show who you are and what kinds of roles you’re interested in.

Outside work, what do you like to do?

Outside work I really enjoy outdoors activities, especially hiking, mountaineering and winter sports.

I love reading books, drawing and visiting art galleries.

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