Gearing up for growth in talent acquisition

15 Jun 18 Lydia
Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson writes: Despite launching in a recession (in 2009), we have established a persistent record of strong growth. Our growth has been organic: we haven’t raised capital through taking on loans or selling shares.

We’re also ambitious: our vision is to become the undisputed go-to agency whenever a professional membership organisation, awarding body or learning provider is recruiting at the levels we deal with.

With this in mind, we have focused our recent strategic thinking on gearing up for growth. The outcome is a series of three appointments that will expand our capacity to take on and serve clients.

Our plan for 2019 is to move our growth story into a new gear.

10 Dec 18 Lina
Lina Beynar

The first – the appointment of Lina Beynar as Researcher – we announced here recently.

For posts announcing the other two, watch this space – we’ll be announcing during the month of January.

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