New Year’s resolution: a suggestion for employers

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: In the UK as a whole, the labour market remains buoyant.

According to the latest bulletin from Office for National Statistics (11 December 2018), the number of people in work is high and the number of unemployed is low.

This, as we’ve noticed when helping clients to fill roles, presents employers with a challenge: if your recruitment process works at a leisurely pace, you might find that, by the time you’re ready to offer a position, you preferred candidate has gone elsewhere.

So our suggested resolution runs as follows:

  1. Make scheduling decisions about the selection process well in advance (ideally at the same time as you make a decision about the deadline for applications). Nail down who amongst your colleagues is going to need to be where, when.
  2. Where there’s more than one round of selection events (for example, first interview, second interview), ensure that the gap between the two is very short and that you have a schedule in place for making decisions efficiently straight after the first round.
  3. Once the selection process is complete, ensure that you have procedures in place for making the hiring decision and making the offer.

The trick is to ensure that all those involved in hiring remain focused and appreciate the need for alacrity. Eliminating friction — the friction involved in trying to clear diaries, find times for meetings or internet calls — is the big win.


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