Talent acquisition and mental health: talent agencies can make a difference

Susie Schofield

In this, the first of two posts on the theme of mental health and recruitment, Susie Schofield reports the experience of Rob, a candidate we recently worked with.

Rob: When I left the Forces, I dabbled on the peripheries of recruitment agencies and talent-spotters. I have to admit, to someone with my background, it was difficult to accept help.

But then a member of the FJWilson Talent Services Team (FJWTS) team approached me and asked if I was interested in a role they thought I would like. Being on the verge of finding my second job since becoming a civilian, I agreed.

Having now been through the process with the team at FJWTS, I honestly wish I had done it earlier.

Now I need to get one thing out in the open first. This, to some, would seem like career suicide. I was medically discharged from the Forces with a depressive mental illness. I am fine, I am classed as high functioning and am (even if I say myself) someone who is and can continue to be a high achiever.

If anything, coping with this means my resilience is very strong.

So how does this tie in with FJWTS? Well, having depression means than when in a low I don’t think much of myself. I don’t rate my chances or I am not confident about job applications. This can be a nightmare when trying to find work. One thing I have learnt is to surround myself with positive people and look for the positive work environments. Then I will not only thrive, but I will excel.

The FJWTS are these positive people. They had faith in me, they wanted me to succeed. They took time to fully brief and prep me for the interview and talk to me about the role. As a result, my prep was not as time-consuming.

I went for the interview and hit every question spot on. I felt good and that came across. It was a perfect combination.

Whilst unfortunately I didn’t get the role, the confidence I got from the experience was amazing. I have learnt a lot. It gave me confidence and made me feel much better about myself. I honestly can’t recommend FJWTS enough.

Susie writes: When Rob wrote this moving endorsement about us on our LinkedIn page, we were truly humbled. At FJWTS we pride ourselves on supporting both candidate and client alike in the recruitment process, regardless of their disability. We commit to every candidate we recommend for a role.

Managing Director Fiona Wilson says ‘we believe all our candidates are capable of the job on offer, regardless of disability, and remain by their side every step of the way to ensure they showcase themselves to the best advantage’. According to Rob, ‘it was great to have somebody supporting you – giving you the support to give you confidence’.

Next week we’ll report on some initiatives and sources of guidance on concerning mental health and recruitment.

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