Helpful resource on communications:

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: Recently I’ve been listening to numerous podcasts with a view to reviewing the best on this blog. My main conclusions are:

  1. there’s a lot of stuff out there (though perhaps not as much from the talent industry, relative to some other sectors)
  2. the quality of content is extremely variable!

One podcast that stood out as consistently impressive (I’ve listened to every episode) was Big Duck‘s Smart Communications podcast.

This podcast caught my attention both because I specialise in communications myself and because the podcast is targeted at not-for-profit organisations — many of our clients in our target sectors are not-for-profits.

What makes the podcast good? First, the various personnel clearly know their stuff. They typically speak precisely and incisively.

And, second, the content is crafted to suit a variety of learners: episodes typically include principles, concrete examples, and tips.

The series is available here.



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