“Follow your passion” – really?

Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes writes: ‘Follow your passion’ has become a cliche of career advice. But having become a cliche is not the only problem with the advice: it can also prove either impossible or unhelpful.

In an episode on The Talent Angle podcast, Dave Evans of Stanford University challenges the conventional wisdom. According to Evans, research demonstrates “8/10 people don’t have a clear organising principle…that would define their passion. So we think a question [i.e., ‘What’s your passion?’] that begins with misrepresenting 8/10 people as remedial human beings that have something wrong with them is a lousy place to start”.

For Evans analysis of the imperfections of such guidance and what alternatives exist, listen to the episode here:  https://player.fm/series/the-talent-angle-with-scott-engler/passion-purpose-gravity-and-anchors-with-dave-evans-spotlight-20-minutes.

It’s a short episode but I found it — as the host, Scott Engler, says — full of ‘A-ha! and ‘Well, of course! moments.

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