Beyond digital: hybrid communications strategy

Anthony Haynes writes: When I say ‘communications strategy’, most readers of this blog are likely to think ‘digital’.

coutts-4106-C-500px Fiona
Fiona Wilson

So did we when, in the early days of FJ Wilson Talent Services, I sat down with the Managing Director, Fiona Wilson, to determine a communications strategy.

So we do indeed use digital communications — principally in the form of a website (including this blog) and LinkedIn.

Deciding to use those channels was a no-brainer: I doubt that there’s any talent company in the country that doesn’t.

But then we thought, what else? We turned our minds to non-digital forms of communication — in particular,

  • print
  • meetings in person

This became the starting point for what we call our ‘digital-plus’ strategy.

Over the next few days we’ll seek establish the rationale for a ‘digital-plus’ strategy, including both the limitations of digital and the benefits of analogue.


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