Morale and employment brand

02Anthony Haynes writes: Recently I have been reading literature on what I suspect is a neglected concept in talent management, namely morale.

In the process I came across a post by Hannah Room, an Account Executive at a creative agency called KISS. The post asks ‘What is the key to positive morale in the workplace? How do we drive productivity?’ — and answers those questions by detailing some of KISS’s own practices.

Examples include the following:

  1. office games (“This month it’s a sweepstake for the 2018 World Cup (obviously). A game that gets the whole office involved, raises enthusiasm and excitement”);
  2. inspiration sessions (“Every month…one member of the team holds an ‘Inspiration Session’ to tell everyone about a hobby or something they find interesting. People often don’t have time to leave their desks at lunch, so it is good to get everyone socialising”);
  3. “KISS allows their employees to choose their own professional paths. If there is a project you would like to work on, or something more specific you would like to improve on, KISS will make a conscious effort to help you develop in that area.”

Hannah Room Account ExecutiveThe last of those points particularly intrigued me. In correspondence, Hannah helpfully expanded on the point: “The great thing about KISS is they emphasise the importance of having a voice in the workplace. By this I mean asking whether there is an account they would like to work on, and offering them the opportunity to learn more about a subject they are interested in. This way employees will feel more enthusiastic about working and they can continue to develop their knowledge”.

The post attracted our attention not only for what it has to say about morale, but also as a good example of how to develop an employment brand — one of the themes in our blog too.

The full post is available on the KISS website here.


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