How to listen to a conference speaker…

Anthony Haynes writes: On this blog we have published guidance on how to give presentations. See, for example, ‘How to give a presentation‘. The following post, reblogged from David D’Souza’s pleasantly quirky blog ‘101 half-connected things‘, looks at the other side of the coin — that is, it looks at presentations form the perspective of the audience. We like the originality of the post and also many of the specific insights.

101 Half Connected Things

Over the past couple of years I became a thought leader. It’s scary stuff because you don’t really get to opt out in the way you might think. Last week I received a book from someone I have never spoken to and the letter inside read ‘Dear Thought Leader’. Apparently you are appointed to that status with scant regard to your intent.

I speak a lot about the future of work and what worries me is that when I do so I explicitly start by saying the following

  • I’m not a thought leader
  • I’m not a futuristorologister (or any variant)
  • I’m a person armed with what I think are some useful questions for people to ponder
  • I’m probably going to be wrong about stuff
  • I want people to do their own research and thinking

Despite my entreaties it seems my sheer presence and charisma can be distracting to people and…

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