The candidate experience: report from the Recruitment Agency Expo

image HeidiHeidi Frost writes: This month I attended this year’s Recruitment Agency Expo. Amongst the discussions, a theme that really resonated with me was how critical the candidate experience is.

Ann Swain (CEO, APSCo), for example, spoke of the importance of ‘understanding candidates’.  The research has shown that 60% of candidates have poor experiences with agencies. To future-proof their business, agencies need to provide personalised services.

I also attended a seminar with Josh Willows, Team Lead, Broadbean.  Their research shows that only 6% of UK candidates are seeking a new role. Their research also found that in life, 90% of people will trust personal recommendations from people who have experienced something first hand, as opposed to being told by a company that their product or service is brilliant!

Our strategy

Each of these points chimed with the way that we have designed FJWTS. For example:

  1. Most of our business comes from referrals – including referrals from people who were unsuccessful in their application for a role through us, but who are themselves managers of people! Experiencing high standards of customer service leads them to become advocates who want to work with us, whether it be in a client or candidate capacity.
  2. FJWTS is structured into three teams, namely Service Delivery, Business Development and Resourcing. Each team implements their processes consistently, so that each candidate and client receives the same level of service: as a result, our candidates are never affected by the ‘pushes and pulls’ of the business.


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