Working in a room with a view: the FJWTS approach

Anthony Haynes writes: At the end of last month, we published a post based on a psychology paper (‘40-second green roof views sustain attention‘) by Kate E. Lee et al.  The upshot of the paper seems to be that workers in locations with attractive views seem to produce better work.

Perhaps this helps to explain productivity levels in our talent business, FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS). Our team — both our employees and our associates — make extensive use of remote working. Between them they make varied use of:

  • home offices
  • hired office space (as provided, for example, by Regus)
  • dedicated professional work spaces, such as premises belonging to the Institute of Directors
  • informal spaces, such as cafes.

Several of our team are blessed with views of the type that seem to aid productivity. Here are three examples:

Julie Lloyd, our Business Development Executive, by a nature reserve.
Gill Wilson, our candidate interviewer, looks out across Norfolk fields
Anthony Haynes, our Communications Associates, looks out on steeplechase course and golf course



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