The effect of your view on your work

laptop-notebook-working-outside.jpgAnthony Haynes writes: When I was planning a series of posts on home- and remote working, I wrote to FJ Wilson Talent Services’ employees and associates to discuss ideas with them.

The kind of content I had in mind was tips on making productive time, organising work space, and so on.

So I was rather surprised when our business development executive, Julie Lloyd, kindly responded with a link to a research paper in an Elsevier journal, namely Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The paper reports an empirical test concerning sustained attention — a matter increasingly discussed as we become more aware of the impact of interruptions in the office and of social media.

The study explores a simple question: when you take a mini-break, does the scene you look at affect your sustained attention to a task?

The answer is Yes.

Some participants were able to look at a flowering green roof top; others were able to view only a concrete roof top. The former group performed markedly better at the task they had been given.

Remote workers take note: find a location with a view!

The abstract of the paper, which is entitled 40-second green roof views sustain attention, is available here.



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